Wild Edible Plants

Learning Nature’s Bounty



Have you ever wondered which plants are edible, medicinal, poisonous or just ornamental? 

Is that plant in your lawn or garden just a ‘weed’ or is it a nutritional powerhouse of vitamins and minerals?


This introductory workshop can begin a wonderful journey into the often ignored world of wild plants. 

A starting point for new learners or an opportunity to sharpen existing plant identification skills,

the workshop will cover individual plants in various habitats,

help students to learn how to use available printed resources and most importantly introduce the skills of awareness

and attention to detail needed to successfully locate and identify edible wild plants.


This workshop is an expansion of a wild edible plant class developed and taught by our instructors

for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Outdoor Education Program(s). 

The workshop will also incorporate various components from other

Wilderness Survival Classes taught by our instructors to better establish the relationship of plants

into the overall wilderness and urban survival package of skills.





Date: 4 Oct. 2015

Time: 9:00 - 4:00

Location: Cumberland,Va.

Cost: $35 per person  

Pre-registration required.


Class fees

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